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SME Global Alliance and HK Greater China SME Alliance Association have been endorsing and encouraging local enterprises to make use of technologies and to take action on innovations. In this regard, we organized the “HK SME Innovation Award 2016”. The objective is to compliment and congratulate those SMEs who have the capability to innovate. The theme of this event is “The Initiative of Innovation, The Fortune of the Future”. Hopefully more enterprises can learn through all these activities about various aspects of innovation, thus to enhance competitiveness and to upgrade to a new paradigm. The final contest and the awarding ceremony was on 3rd December during the Trade Development Council World SME Expo, in order to raise the reputation and recognition of the winners. Participants will also benefit from the assessment process while interacting with the judges.


Trade Development Council put the “HK SME Innovation Award 2016” as a major event for the World SME Expo 2016. Each year, the 3-day World SME Expo attracts around 11,000 people, 30% are from overseas. During the same period, there is the InnoDesignTech Expo which attracts more people to attend – over 11,000 with 40% from overseas. Simultaneously, the Business of IP Asia Forum attracts more than 2,400 professionals.


We invited Prof. TSUI Lap-Chee (President of the Academy of Sciences Hong Kong ASHK), Mr. David CHUNG Wai-Keung (Under Secretary of the Innovation & Technology Bureau ITB), Mr. WONG Ming-Yam (Chairman of Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute ASTRI), and Mr. Willy LIN Sun-Mo (Chairman of Hong Kong Productivity Council HKPC) as our Guests of Honour.  Together with more than 300 guests, it was the most successful event in the World SME Day of 2016.


Yours sincerely,

Jefferson WAT



SME Global Alliance (SMEGA) has been started as SME entrepreneurs and professionals gathering since 2003. It formed a group of friends with entrepreneurial co-visions and co-interests. We continuously nurture and network our strength to proactively develop business and social climates. It upgrades economy and productivity to help social civil development and business growth !

SMEGA, as an exchange platform, liaises with related business associations and social enterprises to encourage those entrepreneurs of Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas extending business globally, visioning and accomplishing opportunities. We meet leaders of well-stated institutions of different places to open and strengthen ourselves one another. It thus supports one another to enhance the enterprise clustering for global economic and trading sourcing. It also effectively strategizes the industrial and commercial developments of Hong Kong and Mainland in order to cope with government supportive endeavour of their policies and behaviours. It steps out steadily with foundation move to integrate local and overseas insight and work, to contribute the community; to actively improve people’s living standard and environment.

Direction and objective are to enhance the communication of entrepreneurs and professionals, deepening the relationship, creating the opportunity, constructing the capability, networking the belonging, promoting the social caring, making the harmony of society, and thus strong family and country !


Wish full of business opportunity and prosperity !

Tommy Lo

Chaplain, SME Global Alliance

Our alliance has the following committees with various entrepreneurs to co-create the business opportunity and accomplishment :

Environmental Protection and Health Committee
Corporate Finance and Assets Development Committee
Education and Training Committee
Retail, Wholesale and Service Committee
Elderly Affairs Committee
Membership Affairs Committee
Mainland Affairs Committee
International Business and Trade Committee
Information and Technology Committee
Human Resources and Outsourcing Committee
Government Relations and Policy Committee
Private Equity and Incubation Committee
 Property Committee
 Intellectual Property Committee
 Entrepreneur Committee
 Cultural and Creative Industry Committee