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Distinguished Guests of Honour, Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure & honour to welcome you to the Awards Ceremony of this very first HK SZ SME Innovation Award 2017.

SME Global Alliance has always been encouraging SMEs to make good use of the latest technologies to innovate, to expand markets, and to enhance quality and efficiency. Based on the outstanding result of last year’s HK SME Innovation Award, we persevere and extend our reach to Shenzhen. With the support of the Futian government, sponsorship from the New World Development Group, and the assistance of various supporting organizations, we have successfully conducted the assessment, and hopefully will bring the competition to a higher level. This year’s theme is “HK SZ go hand in hand to build the future. Marching in GBA to move on OBOR" where GBA is the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, HK & Macau, and OBOR is the One Belt One Road initiative. Through this contest, we want the participants from both HK & SZ to learn from each other and to share their experience in innovation, in order to increase their chance of cooperation. Firstly, we did the mass selection in SZ, then the final in HK on 3rd November. Now, we have invited many potential investors, commercial counselors of various countries, executives of co-working spaces, and so on to attend this Awards Ceremony held during the HK Trade Development Council International SmartBiz Expo.


This year, we are honoured to have Dr. David Chung, the Undersecretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau of Hong Kong, Mr. Liu Zhi Yong, the Deputy Head of Shenzhen Futian District People's Government, Mr. Michael Tien, Honourable Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Mr. Sun Nan, the Minister of Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology Popularization of Science and Institute, and Dr. Angus Ho, the Assistant General Manager - Research & Development of New World Development Group to be our award presenters. As an improvement, we have added a Grand Award to praise the commonly favoured participant by most of the judges. The winner is Archiparti, which is an interior design & construction project management platform supported by independent designers, consultants, and construction partners all over the world and a streamlined process to bring them together to provide efficiency. They have international partners, a digitized workflow, a framework to reduce in-person meetings, and a start-to-end full project management support. Archiparti really deserved the Grand Prize.


A lot of people have started to care about the SME Innovation Award next year. As the slogan is to march in the Greater Bay Area, we hope that more government departments in mainland will discuss further with us to extend the Innovation Award to other parts of the Guangdong province. Moreover, with the continuous support of members & friends on innovation, we can move on along the One Belt One Road! 


Yours sincerely,

Jefferson WAT



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SMEGL, as an exchange platform, liaises with related business associations and social enterprises to encourage those entrepreneurs of Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas extending business globally, visioning and accomplishing opportunities. We meet leaders of well-stated institutions of different places to open and strengthen ourselves one another. It thus supports one another to enhance the enterprise clustering for global economic and trading sourcing. It also effectively strategizes the industrial and commercial developments of Hong Kong and Mainland in order to cope with government supportive endeavour of their policies and behaviours. It steps out steadily with foundation move to integrate local and overseas insight and work, to contribute the community; to actively improve people’s living standard and environment.

Direction and objective are to enhance the communication of entrepreneurs and professionals, deepening the relationship, creating the opportunity, constructing the capability, networking the belonging, promoting the social caring, making the harmony of society, and thus strong family and country!


Wish full of business opportunity and prosperity !

Tommy Lo

Chaplain, SME Global Alliance

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