Retail, Wholesale and Service Committee


To establish a dynamic community of Retail & Wholesale industry to present a constructive voice and exchange innovative ideas.


To assist industry parties to promote business via effective channels

To organize seminars and events for updated market information

To liaise with mainland authorities for participating related exhibitions

To liaise with overseas authorities for participating related exhibitions

To improve better market environment through discussions of forums


主席 Chairman 

屈國良先生 (Jefferson WAT)


亞洲科龍有限公司 Asia Solution Corp. Ltd.

董事 Director

香港電腦保安事故協調中心 HK Computer Emergency Response Team

諮詢委員 Advisor

香港學術評審局 HK Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications

信息產業專家 ICT Specialist

Iowa State University 電腦科學 Computer Science

碩士 Master of Science

香港中文大學 CUHK 1977年 電子學系 Electronics

學士 Bachelor of Science



副主席Vice Chairman

陳致超先生 (Charles CHAN)


ClearGo e-Business Consultancy Ltd.

董事總經理 Managing Director