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Growth Marketer Academy Bootcamp#3

Growth Marketing Bootcamp

       3-hour crash course + 5-hour effort on team project on weekly basis (100+ hours learning in total)

       Learn from 8+ Growth Practitioners from DJI, dyson, eatigo, Facebook, GoGoVan, HelloReporter, Klook, MoneySmart, Shopify, Skyscanner, Xiaomi etc

       Learn-by-doing (Team project) - To grow a co by marketing its product / service online in real

       Each team will be paired with a growth consultant for team project implementation so as to simulate an on-job-training environment.

       Demo Day - To demonstrate your project to potential employers, industrial experts & VIP guests

Growth Marketing is an uprising global trend in the next 10 years. While the majority of digital marketers focus on the top-of-the-funnel metrics e.g. social media engagement, the number of web visitors, growth marketers are technical marketers with data-driven mindset who apply marketing tech & improve the marketing ROI. To embrace the next wave of marketing, SME Global Alliance is excited to support the 3rd cohort of Growth Marketing Bootcamp in HK.


You are now invited to join Growth Marketing Bootcamp Cohort 3 with us:


Date:  27 Aug - 12 Nov 2019(Every TUE night for 12 weeks)

Who is this for: Entrepreneurs, marketers, any person who is passionate in learning 
LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing香港再出发: LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing
..文化艺术+经济金融 讲座系列(1)-
Tongue outTongue outTongue outTongue out文化艺术旅游及艺术品投资的新思维Tongue outTongue outTongue outTongue out

????主办: 中小企国际联盟 文化创意产业委员会
协办/支持: 香港经济师学会
.日期: 2019年8月27日(星期二)
时间: 下午 2:00pm-5:30pm
.地点:  香港湾仔会展中心 SME Centre
主持:  联合主持人 - Alex Ku, Mabel Lau


2:00 pm  登记、入座、自由交谈
2:30 主办方 (Alex Ku) 致欢迎词
2:35 中小企国际联会长致词
2:40 座谈会上半场开始

-- 2:40~2:45 序言: Alex Ku
  文创产业新景象: 从文化艺术旅游到艺术品投资

-- 2:45~3:30 演讲/展示 
..嘉宾讲者: 陈汉江先生 大中华民藏鋻赏协会创会会长。
.. 艺术品金融投资之道
-- 3:30~3:45 问答时间
    休息 15 分钟

3:45 下半场: 艺术品投资 演示及对谈会
     主题: 艺术品投资新思维
     领讲:Mabel Lau刘美宝
     Mr Marco Ng 吴国强。


4:45  问答时间

5:00  节目完毕 自由交流 ..红酒..小点酬宾。
报名请电邮至 info@smeglobal.org 
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KODW 2019 17 - 21 June
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